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Financial lease for non-Dutch speakers.

Are you a business owner looking to drive a new company car? Then financial Lease could be the solution for you. Financial lease brings many advantages to business owners. On this page we will explain what financial lease is, what the advantages are, and what the financial lease process looks like.

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What is financial lease?

Financial lease is a form of leasing meant specifically for business owners. With financial lease, you purchase a company car using a loan. The bank finances (part of) the purchase value of the car, then you repay this to the bank in set monthly payments. At the moment of purchase, the car is immediately your (economic) property and at the end of the lease the car will be 100% your property. Think of financial lease as a mortgage, but then for your car.

The advantages of financial lease

The main advantage of financial lease is that you don’t have to spend a large amount of your company funds on purchasing a new car. You can keep this money in your business, where you can spend it on other investments or keep it for a rainy day. Financial lease also offers a variety of fiscal advantages such as VAT (BTW) refund, interest deduction, and investment deduction (note: we advise you to discuss this with a financial advisor). Furthermore, financial lease offers the possibility of paying the off early at any point during your lease term, and you can drive as many kilometers as you want with your company car. The main advantages of financial lease are:

  • You’re immediately the owner of the car
  • You keep equity in your company
  • You can make use of various fiscal advantages
  • Maintain flexibility with possibility to pay off early
  • Plenty of possibilities for starting business owners
  • The possibility to determine the financial composition yourself (such as duration, upfront payment, ‘slottermijn’)
  • Unlimited kilometer


There are a couple of things to keep in mind before arranging your financial lease if you have neither the Dutch nationality nor another EU nationality.

Firstly, you need a residence permit (‘verblijfsvergunning’) to prove you are allowed to remain in The Netherlands for the full duration of your financial lease contract.

Secondly, your company needs to be registered in the Dutch chamber of commerce (‘kvk’) for the financer to be able to process your financial lease request.

Leasecontracts can only be drawn up in Dutch.

The financial lease process
Step by step

Step 1: pick a car and make a request
Your financial lease process starts with the most important thing: choosing a car that meets your demands and wishes. You can then submit a financial lease request via our website. Once you’ve submitted a financial lease request we will check with multiple leasing companies what your possibilities for the financial lease are.

Step 2: Lease approved? Make a test ride.
Most of the time you will receive within one working day communication from us whether your request has been approved or not. If the financial lease request has been approved, an appointment can be made with the car dealer to take the car for a test drive. If both the car and financial lease are to your satisfaction, you can sign a purchase agreement at the car company. This way, the car will stay reserved for you so that we can finish up the financial lease in the next couple of days.

Step 3: Drawing up the lease contracts
Once the purchase agreement is signed, we will let the leasing company draw up the lease contracts. To do so, the lease company will need some documents from both you and the car company (see FAQ below). You will receive the lease contracts by e-mail within a few days.

Step 4: Signing the lease contract & putting the car in your name
The lease contracts will be signed by both the owner(s) of the company and the car company. Next, the car company will put the car in you (business') name. Depending on your nationality (EU or non-EU) and your available document (mostly dutch driver's licence vs non-dutch driver's licence) it is determined if the car dealer can put the car in your name or whether it needs to be done through a RDW station. If putting a car in your (business') name is new to you, it is best to let us know so we can discuss the steps with you. Once the lease contracts are signed by all parties and the car is on your name, the lease company can transfer the credit amount to the car company. When the car company has received the full amount for the car you can pick it up and drive off into the sunset.

Step 1

Pick a car

Find a car that sparks your interest.

Step 2

Request an offer

Submit a financial lease application to us. We will check what your lease options are. Expect an answer from us within a day.

Step 3

Make a test drive

If you receive an approval from the bank for your lease request, it is time to visit the car and make a test-drive.

Step 4

complete the financial lease

Are both the car and financial lease to your liking? Let us know and we will handle the paperwork.

Frequently asked questions

Short answer: yes. The only requirement is that the car is sold by a Dutch car company. Have you found a car outside of our website? Fill in your financial lease request here or give us a call.

Within one working day you will know what your financial lease possibilities are. We will send you an email and if it is an approval we will call you to inform you about the (potential) subsequent steps.

You need to possess a Dutch ID/passport or a residence permit that lasts at least until the end of the duration of your financial lease contract. You will also need a company that is registered with the Chamber of Commerce (KVK).

These are not included in financial lease, rather they come at your own cost.

The most used lease types are private lease, operational lease, and financial lease. Private lease is meant for people that do not own a company, operational lease is meant for large companies, and financial lease is ideal for small to middle sized companies. Financial lease is the only one out of the three where the car is yours at the end of the lease contract.

Why do business owners choose financial lease for you, well...

We understand that taking out financing must be properly arranged. Simple but clear. Transparent but without unnecessary information stress. Sometimes fast but always correct. That is why our service is based on 4 core values, which provide certainty. Read all about our unique lease guarantees.

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